UFC 216 – The Mouse Is The GOAT


Demetrious Johnson – the most complete mixed martial artist in the world today. This is a picture of DJ, suplexing Ray Borg through the air and securing a fight ending armbar on the way down. The dust has settled on UFC 216 but I’m still sitting here, shaking my head in amazement at what Johnson achieved on Sunday. DJ has now broken the great Anderson Silva’s record and defended his title for a record 11th times in a row. The man can strike, he can grapple, his cardio lasts for days and it’s hard to think of a challenger for his belt. DJ has sometimes been criticized for being a boring fighter, but last night’s showing should shut critics up for good.

giphy (1)

This armbar is a thing of beauty, and fighters around the world are going to be practicing and training how to defend it now. There were multiple accomplishments rolled into that fight on Sunday and there are very very very few athletes like Demetrious Johnson and I’m pretty damn sure there’s an ESPY award coming his way. More power to you, champ!