Looking back on #MayMac


Mayweather vs McGregor – one for the ages! I expected Mayweather to win a boring 12 round decision, but was delighted to see such a perfectly executed game plan. He avoided McGregor’s power shots early and let the Irishman tire himself out. As soon as he had the cardio advantage, Mayweather moved in and started to pick his shots. McGregor had some great moments early on but in the end Mayweather’s superior conditioning got the job done and he put away his opponent in the 10th. For a guy who has been constantly criticized for “running” and fighting defensive, it is fantastic to close out a career on a finish like this.

Folks calling this an embarrassment for McGregor need to get their damn heads examined. The guy just stepped out of his comfort zone and went 10 rounds in his pro boxing debut against an unbeaten legend. He actually landed more punches on Mayweather than Manny Pacquiao and helped deliver one of the most exciting boxing main events in recent times. Who the f*ck has even come close to doing anything like that?

Obvious next questions –
Will Mayweather take an MMA fight now?
Hell no. He’d get eaten alive in the first round (see James Toney vs Randy Couture). Plus, an athlete of his stature has nothing left to prove now.

What’s next for McGregor?
Hopefully he now defends his UFC lightweight title against Khabib, Ferguson, Lee or whoever the hell is in line next; and continues to do things that shake up combat sports.

Much respect to both fighters. They gave us exactly what we were promised – an exciting barnburner of a fight that was worth paying for!