Todd Duffee slated to return this November

MMA Junkie reported a few days back that The Duffman is coming back this November. I’d almost forgotten about Todd Duffee to be honest. He hasn’t fought in almost two years, and his last outing saw him get knocked out by Frank Mir. Now there are prospects who don’t live up to the hype, but with Duffee it kinda feels like he never quite started the race.

I remember Duffee bursting onto the scene with a 7 second KO of Tim Hague back in 2009. Duffee had raw athleticism, paired with a great look and people immediately started calling him the future of the UFC’s heavyweight division. I’ll admit it. I was excited too.



Duffee’s next fight saw him take on Mike Russow – a former cop who looked the exact opposite of Duffee. I daresay the man looked pudgy and out of shape. Duffee beat the living daylights out of Russow for two and a half rounds, until Russow landed two rights out of nowhere and got the KO victory. The shocking come from behind win kinda broke the internet for the next few days. One of my favourite reactions was this Mortal Kombat style video someone made of the fight. Seven years later, it still makes me laugh.

Duffee still had some steam behind him, but was abruptly cut from the UFC. Dana White cited an “attitude problem” and Duffee himself says he was never given a reason for being let go. Rumours flew around, saying that he had lied to the UFC and wanted to do movie role instead. He soon found a fight in Japan, and faced Alistair Overeem at Dream’s NYE card. He simply wasn’t ready to take on a fighter of Overeem’s stature and lost by TKO in just 19 seconds.

Duffee’s run of bad luck started right after the Overeem fight. He’s been plagued by injuries ever since, and has only fought four times in the last 7 years. He’s found it really hard to stay healthy, and injuries have sidelined him for a ridiculous amount of time. His last outing saw him knocked out by Frank Mir, but there’s still a good amount of interest surrounding this Duffee.

The guy has five KO wins, in under 1 minute; one of which is currently tied for the record of fastest KO in UFC history. No matter which way you look at it, that’s a bloody impressive stat.

While the UFC hasn’t announced an opponent yet, it’s going to be interesting to see who he goes up against next. Can Todd Duffee make a run of it? Here’s hoping he stays healthy and lives up to his immense potential.