Naming names – Shane ‘The Engineer’ Carwin

Shane ‘The Engineer’ Carwin will walk out at UFC 111 tomorrow. I thought this would be a fitting time to blog about the nickname that I suggested to Carwin’s team a few months ago. Jason Genet, Shane’s manager put together a contest on their website and asked fans to come up with cool nicknames for the heavy-weight wrecking ball that is, Shane Carwin. I along with another chap named Josh Diehl won the contest and will soon receive some merchandise signed by Carwin.


Shane ‘The Engineer’ Carwin

What’s really cool, is that this is the first time Carwin will be called by this name. I literally can’t wait to hear Bruce Buffer announce it. Carwin last fought a year back and is coming off a first round knock out of Gabriel Gonzaga. He faces his biggest test tomorrow, in Frank Mir. Good luck Shane.. Frank Mir is a beast.

This fight is for the interim heavyweight title and the winner will face Brock Lesnar to unify the belts. I’m a huge Lesnar fan, but we’ll get to that later. This fight, in the meanwhile looks to be solid gold and while it IS hard to make a pick, I’m leaning towards Shane because of his one punch knockout power. Mir is dead dangerous with submissions but he’s no match for Shane’s striking.

Lets see what happens. May the best man win.


Update: I actually won this contest, but the t-shirt never made it to India (where I was based at the time). Oh well. Still a cool story, right?

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