TUF 10 Episode 5 – WTF Wes Sims?

I was getting tired of writing MMA stuff on my regular blog, so now this place will serve as my ranting/raving ground for all things MMA related. I’ll kick this off by talking about episode 5 of the Ultimate Fighter. The Rashad and Rampage show continues while Kimbo lurks in the background, chomping at the bit to fight again. This episode sees Wes Sims fight Justin Wren and man, did Sims stink up the place! I expected a hell of a lot more of the 12 year veteran. Wren is just 22 years old to boot. I actually thought Sims would keep him at bay with his significant reach advantage and win by a late TKO but no such thing happened. Wren took the big man to the ground, and submitted him in under two minutes via arm triangle.

Sims went to sleep and took his own fucking time waking up. Rampage again left his fighter in the octagon to fend himself after the loss. I’ve actually started liking Rashad Evans now. I used to hate this guy because of his bullshit antics in the cage earlier but now, he comes across as a pretty decent guy. Nothing like getting knocked the fuck out by Lyoto Machida to set a dude right.

I’d like to see Kimbo fight again.  I’ve always been a bit of a freakshow fan. I’d actually pay money to see Oleg Taktarov fight a bear.

Over and out.